YouTube Preview Image Buck Angel’s new series in which he shares his perspectives on gender, sexuality, and other topics, with Subtitles for the hearing impaired
In show #7 Buck talks about Intolerance and the effect that his work has on society.
Please email your questions to Visit for more info.

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Buck Angel Entertainment Trans Women PSA

I had the pleasure of working with Drew DeVeaux for this new PSA on Trans Women health. Please pass it around as it is super important. She is very lovely and a very easy to work with. We just started rolling the camera and this is what we got.

YouTube Preview Image

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Trans Women Healthcare PSA

Shot this new PSA in Toronto with Sex Star Drew DeVeaux

YouTube Preview Image
Buck Angel’s Public Service Announcement to trans women on the importance of prostate exams and keeping your body healthy. Starring Drew DeVeaux
Check out more of Buck Angel Entertainment at

LA,Helsinki,Gay Pride

Damn sorry for such a long delay in posts. I am not making an excuse I have just been on the road non stop the last couple months. My trip to Helsinki as you can see from my last post kicked ass. Ashley and I blew them away. I met some super awesome new friends there too.

Ms. Diana Ball is so sexy and she spent time taking me all around Helsinki and even out to have a deer dinner. yep I said it I ate a deer. You know Santa Claus comes from Finland.I didn’t know that. This photo of us was taken in my dressing room.

Then the most awesome thing happened! The guys from the band ROCTUM showed up to my show waving a huge banner. It was so great! Then they left because they could not get backstage so I had the stage manager call them and they were at McDonald’s eating so they dropped their burgers and came back to see me backstage. They are the guys who made the "Buck Angel Song"

This last week OUT TV in Canada ran an exclusive one hour interview I did with one of my favorite guys and a true friend Shaun Proulx. It is pretty awesome and I am always scared how the outcome of these interviews will be. But I have to say I was pretty proud of this one. You can see a teaser here but try to catch the whole show if you can.

When I was in Los Angeles this last week I had the honor of shooting with Ed Fox for a new Taschen book that is coming out. I will not blow the surprise but it is gonna be so super I think it will shock you. Dian Hansen the editor is so cool. I have made a great new friend that’s for sure. She is so smart and really nice energy to be around. Ed is killer photographer as well. Things just keep getting better and better. I can’t believe how my life has changed sometimes.

I also finished shooting the final scenes for UFC2-tattooed and screwed. My next DVD. FUCK!! This is going to one of my best yet. The men are HOT and the scenes are so rocking. I got Greg York and Ian McQueen to fuck me at the Eagle in Los Angeles. The Eagle was so cool to let me shoot there. I think I am one of the few that has been allowed to do that. Sometimes I feel so special.

My birthday was this past weekend June 5th and I wanted to get home so I could be in my favorite place in the whole world! So I spent two days in my pool just relaxing and having sex! I smoked some great cigars too, The NUB is one of my new favorite smokes. Here I am with a couple of my kids

Well that’s it for now. I am off to Toronto next week to speak at IdeaCity10 then doing lots of stuff for gay pride. Check my calendar and facebook for all the info too.


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Feminist Porn Awards 2010

So tonight is the 5th year for the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. In 2008 I won "Boundary Breaker of the Year" award. I cannot make it because I am already booked for Amsterdam’s Wasteland and last year when I went to Toronto before flying to Amsterdam I became super sick and almost died( ok sounds a bit extreme, but it’s true) So this time I decided to not work my body so damn hard.

I am nominated for "ULTIMATE FUCKING CLUB" and I am super excited as it’s always cool as a man to be nominated for a Feminist Porn award! I am running against the best in the business. These filmmakers are awesome and just to be nominated with them brings a big smile to my face. You can see a list of all the nominees here

Here is a trailer of "UFC"

Also read a great article on the whole show on CarnalNation .com

Good luck to everyone and have an awesome time!



Ellen Stagg Photos

Amazing Ellen Stagg shoots me in NYC!

Please visit my members site for more exclusive stuff!

Amazing Porn Woman and Yale

My trip to speak at YALE was so great. The minute I got there the girls from SWAY (SEX WEEK AT YALE) had a car waiting for me at the airport to take to 2 hour drive to CT. Once there the girls met me at the school to show me my private room on campus at the Masters College. Already I was feeling like a king.

It was freezing and thank god I had just bought a new down jkt. Amazing the gym was right next to my room and was fully equiped to give me a killer workout. I was a bit nervous as I was speaking at the Master’s house in front of students and professors.

Master’s Suite at YALE

So after finally having a couple days to rest and feel grounded. It was time to do my talk. Before the talk Master G had me over for a lunch with him and some of the students.I had been getting some threats on my visit to YALE so just to be on the safe side the school had police outside of every event. I just could not believe how I effect people so much they go as far as to threaten me!

After that it was time for the talk and as I walked from the dining room into the living room where it was jammed packed with not one bit of walking room. WOW I was so overwhelmed.

Master Tea Poster

I sat down in front of the students and Master G and I were seated in front in chairs facing everyone. It was basically a very informal story telling time. All eyes on me no time to get shy!!

My talk started with a thank you to Master G and the fellow students for having me at Yale to speak as I was very honored to be there. I had not graduated high school so in all my wildest dreams I would have never thought I would be speaking at Yale.

Speaking at Master’s Tea

After the thanks I started with talking about my childhood and how it was not a bad one and that it is important for people to know that I did not come from a bad childhood and thus that is not why I do what I do or who I am. Then I basically went through my whole life story, My drug addiction, suicide attempts, self hatred into becoming the man I am. I think I really made such an impact on people at the talk. They were so attentive and just so interested in my story it was so powerful for me!

Then I showed and episode of BUCKING THE SYSTEM and after opened it up to Q&A. Got all amazing questions from everyone. Then after had people lined up to take pics with me and say thank you.

Later that night I was on a Sex Panel with all the hottest women in porn! Joanna Angel, Tristan Taramino, Madison Young and Sasha Grey. It was moderated by my good friend and editor of Fleshbot Lux Alptrum. The panel discussion was centered around our work and how we are breaking down the norms of waht people think are porn and sexuality and gender. Great panel.

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Sex and Gender Panel at YALETags: , , , , ,

What an amazing life I have:)

Check out some of the other posts made about my trip to YALE. Not everyone thought it was a good idea! But that was why it was so powerful for me to speak there. I have broken down some of the walls and hatred that people have around people like me.
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Porn Film Festival Greece

What an amazing trip I had to Athens Greece Porn Film Festival! They showed some really amazing films and you can see the list on their website

The show that I performed in was also full of amazing talented people. I had such a blast performing with them all. Here are some really cool behind the scenes of the show photos from Lang who I meet while there. He is from the UK and hung out with me in my dressing room shooting pics.

athens festival dressing room 1

There were  tons of people at the show on Saturday night when I performed. I had no idea I had so many fans in Greece. I usually do about 500 push ups before I go on stage and do a little ritual of sweating and pumping as it makes me get horney for my show.

Athens Show 2

My show was the last one after all the other hot sexy performers warmed up the crowd. I drank 3 red bulls which made me get a bit hyped and ready to work that crowd!

Athens Show 3

Whe  I went on stage to the song "SEX SECRET" The Greeks went crazy. I came out all dressed in my workout gear and slowly stripped to two hot songs. By the time I was fully naked I had them dancing in the aisles. One thing I love to do is play with the crowd specially when they are a bit timid. So I got them going and jumped into the audience to play with them! That is always so much fun. I had some help getting fucked by my dildo and that really got some screams. I have some great video footage that I can’t show public but will be adding to my members section on so check it out.

Athens Show 4

I also did a TV show while there and we filmed at a tattoo shop. I will be talking about that in my next blog entry as I want to add some of that footage for you to see. I just got an email from the TV crew in Greece saying:" also your show on Greek TV was amazing, you really save so many people and gave courage. On Monday night I spent time with Fotis and we show all the emails they send to him after the show,
tears came on our eyes from people responds. It was amazing!!!!!!!!"

What a great time I had there in Athens.


Buck Angel

Bucking The System Show 5

Check out my latest Bucking The System show. I am having such a great time doing the show and so many great emails, Please keep them coming. If you can’t see the video below please click this link



LA,SF and more.

Just returned from a month on the road. That was super intense. First I performed and showed a film a made exclusivly for the Edmonton Queer Arts Fest. called “THE BEST OF BUCK” Everyone loved it and I got 2 standing ovations. I was so nervous to watch how people reacted a just stood outside the filming. Then after I was called onstage to talk and answer questions about my work. that was fun as I really enjoying speaking to people.

The next day I was doing a live modeling show for artists. That was a blast and I had someone film that so I got some great footage for my reality show on

Then I performed at steamworks where I did a live show and had a great write up on the show here on
story_main_buckangel2.jpgBut before the show Jackson who was one of the organizers of the show is also a photographer asked me to shot some photos with him. So of course I was excited( we have actually been trying to get that going for a while) I love the way they came out. I will be posting some later but here is a shot from behind the scenes.

IMG_1398From Edmonton I flew back to Mexico for one night to change my bags then off to Los Angeles to shoot for a new show on Spike TV.I was super excited as this was my first really mainstream tv show. I have been trying to get people to give me more of a chance on tv in the USA but they are so closed minded when it comes to a pornstar.

After that I was shooting for a new HBO show about the sex industry and then I did a 3 hour long interview with my buddy and co-author for my book Shaun Proulx. We shot at his hotel in west hollywood. Read the whole story on Shaun’s blog here.


Finally I got to meet for breakfast with my great friend Selene Luna. She just bought a new car, a mini!! She looks so hot driving it.

IMG_1409Then the next day I did a DVD signing at the Dyke bar Palms in WEHO. There is a club called Strapped there. loved meeting all my gay lady friends and spending time with them It’s so great to see my female fan base grow.

Ok this was probably the freakiest part of the trip..I got an email from Tyra banks Show and they asked me to fly to NYC for the show. I was already scheduled for a show the next night so I had to fly the redeye that night and do the show that next day to be wisked back to the airport to get my butt to Austin Young’s show downtown called BEYOND DRAG. I actually did it! But I am paying the price now. I am so exhausted. that is really hard on the body! I will talk more about the show later, But it airs in Feb.

Then the next day I was off to SF where I did a DVD signing at my friend Paul King’s tattoo shop Cold Steel on Haight street. I had a really great turn out. Amazing people came to see me.

Finally I am home and now resting up for my next trip which will be the Athens, Greece Porn Film Festival.

Oh one last thing! My friend Tristan Taormino mentioned me in one of her new interviews in Fleshbot. Check out the interview on her it’s great and see what she said.


Buck Angel

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